Life changed eternally in earthquake aftermath

04 MAY, 2015 | NEPAL OM International After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Kathmandu in April, many houses were partially or totally destroyed. OM is working with Nepali church partners to [...]

Providing Hope in the Face of Disaster

Food Distribution Of course one of Nepal’s first needs has been food. After your house collapses going inside, even to get food, is not always an option. Adding to this, the cracked and blocked [...]

I heard the earthquake before I knew what it was…

I heard the earthquake before I knew what it was. I was out walking my dog when I heard what I thought was a giant windstorm pick up. And then I was watching piles of bricks waiting to be used in [...]

Update from the OM Nepal Team 30/04

The OM Nepal team continues to do well. Almost all team members have returned to their homes, after they were inspected and deemed safe. Only one house needs further inspection as it seems the [...]