Let us continue

in these times

We are a global community of Jesus followers,

with those who don’t know it.

Follower of Jesus =

Don't wait for your call, it already happened.

When we said yes to following Jesus, we joined the mission He gave to His disciples over 2,000 years ago — to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

That is His mission, and it is His call to all who follow Him.

We are His

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July 8 - 11, 2020
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OM Library

The OM Library features the very best resources for world mission. These resources are freely available for use in motivating, developing, and training people in the work of taking God’s love to those that don’t know it.

“Tomorrow marks one year of living in Italy. Who would have guessed that I would spend it locked inside, allowed out only to get groceries?” says Christine. “The whole country of Italy has come to a halt. The government is doing a great job of taking necessary measures and encouraging people to hang on just a little longer because “Insieme ce la faremo” (together we will make it)!”