What is the $10 Challenge

What is the $10 Challenge?

The $10 Challenge is a campaign to encourage you to commit $10 a month to support the workers in our national office who train and equip hundreds of people sent by their churches to serve in cross cultural mission around the globe. By supporting us at OM Australia we believe that God will multiply the impact we have to transform lives and communities. $10 might not seem like much – but let me remind you that our God takes our small gifts and does immeasurably more with them than we ever could imagine.

Our prayer is that we would see 200 people or families sign up to the $10 Challenge before the end of the year. Please join us, tell your friends and share our launch video.

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or Phone: 03 8820 3200

People Participating So Far


Meet the Team at the OM Australia Head Office

$10 challenge

Meet the Team at OM Australia

What would you do with $10 ? #1

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