No more tears

13 JUL, 2015 | GUATEMALA OM International The woman the OM Guatemala team met two years ago is totally different from who she is today. They are grateful for the change they see in the lives of [...]

Cebu, Philippines Port Report

The month-long visit to Cebu was full of opportunities for Logos Hope’s crew and staff to bring knowledge, help and hope to a wide cross-section of the community in and around Cebu. This [...]

Subic Bay, Philippines Port Report

Subic Bay was the second of three ports in this tour of the Philippines and this video shows some of the highlights of the ministry done through healthcare, the arts and tackling social issues.

Ruth’s Story

Ruth Augustin is one of 11 Haitian missionaries who joined OM this year, serving both at home and abroad. Ruth is a nurse with a passion to educate young Haitians about HIV/AIDs and also tell [...]

Carrie’s Story

“OMNIvision has the privilege of traveling throughout the OM world to visit ministries and create videos about the work God is doing in various parts of the world. We are excited to bring you [...]

How can I not accept such a Saviour?

24 JUN, 2015 | CENTRAL ASIA Colin Cleaver Uzbekistan is not an open country to Christianity. It is illegal to have Christian meetings in the Uzbek language, the Bible is restricted and known [...]

A Voice to the Voiceless

TUESDAY, 14 JULY 2015 SINGAPORE See Keen TAN Dara* shifted about in the shadows of a dim street. Strapped in a tight, revealing red dress, the young girl looked like she had come from Southeast [...]

TeenStreet Testimonies

Teenagers are looking for meaning in their lives, and TeenStreet aims to give exactly that with coaches who walk closely alongside them in small groups and point them towards Jesus and life with [...]

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