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Teenagers are looking for meaning in their lives, and TeenStreet aims to give exactly that with coaches who walk closely alongside them in small groups and point them towards Jesus and life with Him. It’s intense but the beauty of TeenStreet is that while the teens are being loved and cared for by their coaches, the coaches themselves are served, supported and encouraged by their older (and hopefully wiser!) M & M’s who meet with them each day and are always on hand to lend a listening ear, a balanced viewpoint, and practical guidance and support. This is the role my husband Steve and I had at our first ever TeenStreet this year and we absolutely loved it.
In TeenStreet speak, M & M officially means ‘Ministry and Management’ and coloured chocolate smarties in your show bag, but I found it was a bit like being ‘Mum and Mentor’ to eight very beautiful and competent young women – Kate, Sam, Kerrie, Jane, Amy, Maria, Sarah and Pre who constantly amazed me with their maturity, confidence and genuine love for their girls and totally blessed my socks off.

– Jane, Australia

This was my first time at TeenStreet and the best thing about it was my NET group! It was a great opportunity to be with these girls studying God’s word together and learning about His will. Also, the way we got to know each other, connect, love and support one another throughout the week was a great privilege. I pray that God will keep working in their lives. It was also a week of much fun, dancing in the dining hall, lots of worship, games and feasts! I hope I can experience it again next year.

– Betina, Brazil

My TeenStreet experience was life changing. I came to TeenStreet with a basis knowledge of God and came back from TeenStreet as a Christian and a strong believer in God. We had small groups where you could engage with believers of your own age and share your testimony. When I thought of my belief in God in the real world I thought that I would get judged but even though I was having doubts God knew that I would find my way in him. And can I tell you that God is worth much more than getting judged.

– Victoria, Australia

What I enjoy most about TeenStreet is the fact that it is a lot of fun – and I mean A LOT – but at the same time it’s a really intense week about your personal relationship with God. I’ve been to TeenStreet several times in 2 different countries and was always amazed how much God can speak into your life and teach you about His character in only a few days.

– Ulli, Austria

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