Back to reality

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Alexandra Kirsonova

Modern society is characterised by the replacement of reality for virtual-reality. Those most prone to this phenomenon are teenagers who spend a lot of time on the Internet and social networks. To help return to real life and to real values, the students of OM Russia’s training centre organised and hosted a conference with the title “Friends offline.

As the name implies, the event was dedicated to true friendship. For 24 hours, from 14 to 15 of February, the conference guests were free from the influence of all social networks and the internet.

The teenagers enthusiastically participated in workshops that addressed current topics such as the influence of movies and the Internet on their lives. Other discussion topics included “Is there life after repentance?” “What Dreams May Come” and “What is a true friend?”

During the Sunday morning service, the message centred around friendship with God – a topic which touched the hearts of the listeners and helped some of them come to repentance and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of their hearts.



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