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If you haven’t heard already… We’re famous! Yep, so famous that we even had the paparazzi follow us everywhere we went today. From shopping, to sightseeing, to walking across the street… they were there. It turns out everyone in India wants their photo taken with us. We had to run away sometimes to escape the frenzy we caused. Some people would push and shove to stick their cameras in our faces and others would giggle and politely ask for a photo. We were THE people to be seen with. We had seriously big heads by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, we soon learnt though that we weren’t actually famous, we were just white females (who would’ve thought?). Talk about disappointing! White skin is considered very beautiful in India. It is even rare to find lotion without a whitening chemical. Nonetheless, we enjoyed being celebrated for a day.

Amongst the chaos of today; there was one beautiful, simple moment. We were visiting a renowned Indian monument. Perched at the top of the citadel, overlooking the entire city, two young Muslim girls came and stood beside us. They were wearing Niqabs, covered head to toe. All we could see through a small slit were their beautiful eyes.  They we

re shy, but elated. “Hi”, they said softly to us. Their gesture made us assume they were ushering us aside so they could take a photo of the scenery. We smiled and moved away slightly. We were mistaken. They were still looking at us and giggled. “Would you like us to take your photo for you?”, we asked them. “No, ma’am. Photo with you!”. Confused but delighted, we assumed the position for a photo next to them. What surprised us was that they suddenly removed their black veils to reveal their stunning faces. They were so happy to be standing next to us. We put our arms around their shoulders and they hugged us back.  We stood with them for a moment and exchanged smiles. No words needed to be said… it was an unforgettable moment.

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