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13 JUL, 2015 | GUATEMALA
OM International

The woman the OM Guatemala team met two years ago is totally different from who she is today. They are grateful for the change they see in the lives of Maria* and other mothers who suffer from lack of resources and abuse.

One of OM’s main ministries is working with families in a poor area of the country. The team provides food and tutoring for the children, but helping their mothers has also become a priority. Many of the mothers not only suffer economic problems, but also face difficulties at home.

“Two years ago during a medical outreach I met Maria, a woman in her mid-30s, who was married and had four children,” said Ruth, a team member of OM Guatemala. “I started to talk to her and asked how she was and what her situation was like. Crying, she explained that she felt really bad and shared about her problems.”

Ruth started to do a socio-economic study with Maria to know her needs and the challenges she faced. In the following months, they always met during OM’s medical outreaches in the area and talked about her life.

“Every time we talked she was crying and telling me about her problems at home with her husband,” Ruth said. “She was sharing about the physical, sexual and psychological abuse she was suffering.”

Seven months ago, Maria decided to leave her husband. Now, alone with her children, every day she must find a way to pay the bills and provide food, clothing and money for education for her kids. The only work she could find was washing and ironing clothes for other people or cleaning their houses.

Today, after a year of helping Maria by providing legal advice and moral and spiritual guidance, as well as mentoring her and supporting her children, the OM team can see that Maria is a different woman. Through God she has become a strong and brave woman who, when asked about her life, can say she is doing better. She now shares about problems without shedding tears.

“This is the fruit of passionate and continuous work with this beautiful woman,” Ruth said. “We want to see the same fruit in many more women suffering from many different problems.”

Please pray for the ministries of OM Guatemala. Pray that many more women can be free of suffering and abuse.

*Name changed

Credit: OM International· © 2015 OM International

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