Prayer and the Word of God changes lives

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One Friday afternoon, a young Lebanese man boldly approached MAP Australia’s book table. Although Peter* from OM had no memory of him, the Lebanese man said, “I watched that movie you gave me! I loved it! When is the Bible study?” He took two Bibles and said he would see the OMer at the study.

A few days later, a Muslim friend of Peter went to the book table to chat. Over a cup of coffee, Peter and his Muslim friend talked about issues with coming to faith, but their conversation was constantly interrupted by the friend’s phone. “You should meet my friend and convert him,” Peter’s friend said as he hung up the phone for the umpteenth time. “He is coming to see me now.”

Tired of the constant interruption of the phone, Peter went back to the book table. A short while later, his Muslim friend joined him at the book table with his Chinese stepbrother.

“He introduced me [to his Chinese stepbrother] as his teacher whom he goes to when the Sheik can’t answer his questions,” said Peter. “The Chinese guy looked at me with utmost respect and told me how Jesus helped him in life and how politicians in China were more and more pro-Christianity.”

Taking a Bible, the Chinese man told Peter he would be at church on Sunday. “[And] he was,” said Peter. “He came to me and told me he had spent five hours reading the Bible and got to Genesis 25. He looked at me like I should be doing more about the Bible. He said everyone needed to read the Bible. He was again at my place on Tuesday night with his $3 distribution Bible as I led a Bible study. My Muslim friend laughs at us in a friendly, praise-God kind of way; he told me he had not expected this.”

Added Peter, “It still amazes me when I see prayer and the Word of God change lives, as I peer over my book table on the busy Muslim street.”

Praise God for the impact MAP Australia is making in the Muslim community in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and for the fruit Peter and his team have seen in recent months.

*Name changed

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