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Russia | Aleksandra Kirsanova
Although Russia is considered a Christian country, there are still many people who have never heard the Gospel. Out of the 173 people groups that make up the population of Russia, half of these groups are unreached.

One such people group, with a population of almost seven thousand people, are Siberian Tatars, living in Western and Southern Siberia. They profess Islam and have never heard the Good News. There are no Christian churches in their villages and they don’t have the whole Bible in their language. The only way to tell them about Jesus is when Christian believers visit their villages.

OM Russia, in collaboration with Baptist union of Omsk region, organised a mission trip to Siberian Tatar villages. OM Russia Discipleship Centre students spent two weeks proclaiming the Gospel to those who had never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. The mission team was divided in several groups with the main goal to visit every house and share the Good News.

Because the Tatars are Muslims, it is difficult to speak directly about Christ. That’s why the DC students introduced themselves as God’s people.

The Siberian Tatars are friendly, hospitable and open-hearted people. They welcomed the strangers and invited them with great joy into their houses.

The DC students spoke with them about God and gave gifts of calendars, New Testaments in their language, and disks with the “Jesus” film. There were also opportunities to talk to mullahs (Muslim religious leaders) in the villages about faith and God. The mullahs were generally friendly and ready to speak about faith, but one mullah threatened them and demanded they leave the village.

It was the first time that the Siberian tatars in seven villages heard the Good News.

Please pray that the Bible and these conversations would influence them and show a true way to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Credit: Aleksandra Kirsanova
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