I heard the earthquake before I knew what it was…

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I heard the earthquake before I knew what it was. I was out walking my dog when I heard what I thought was a giant windstorm pick up. And then I was watching piles of bricks waiting to be used in the construction of a new house begin to topple over. Only then did I realized that I too was struggling to stay upright.

I sprang into action; running back to my house shouting at my sister to get out, but she was already running towards me. We joined a stream of neighbours and moved to an empty field where we waited for several hours as the tremors came on average every 23 minutes. But the houses remained standing. And the ground didn’t split open. And without much previous earthquake experience or internet access, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t that bad of an earthquake.

It was only two days later, as I drove to the OM Nepal Training Centre, and saw first-hand that older houses had not withstood the tremors, that the reality of the situation began to sink in. The media has focused on the parts of the city where the most damage happened; and while the destruction there is real, there are parts of Kathmandu that remain almost untouched by the earthquake.

OM Nepal has been working round the clock responding to the immediate needs of the Nepalese people. The normal schedule and work has been disrupted to provide essential relief for those in desperate need of it. In the coming weeks and months, more long-term plans for rebuilding and restoring normality to focus areas in Nepal will be put into place.

– from an OM Nepal team member

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