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Life to the full

03 JUN, 2015 | NEPAL
OM Nepal

I did not really know what to expect when I went on my first village survey after the earthquakes on April 25 and May 12. I knew the purpose was to collect information about the villages’ needs, feed it back to the rest of the team, and then meet those needs as soon as possible. But since I had not ever left Kathmandu before the earthquakes, I did not know what I would see.

We turned up in a village we had been assigned with our pens and paper, keen to help, and were immediately surrounded by villagers asking us why we were there. “We want to help,” we replied. “We’re here to see how we can do that. We’re here to see what you need.”

Immediately a little girl grabbed my hand. “Come and see my house,” she said. “Come, come, come!” I did not have much choice but to follow her up the dirt track through the trees. “Here,” she said. “Look.” I looked. I did not see a house. Instead I saw the broken remains of what had clearly been someone’s old home. A pile of bricks and stone sat in a mound around the ruins, as door and window frames stuck out of the rubble.

That day I saw countless houses in at least three different villages that looked the same.

It is important to remember that not all of Nepal looks like what it does on the news. However it is also important to know that some people have lost everything. I have been so humbled with the Nepalese people’s ability to survive on virtually nothing. Families who have lost their homes, food, and even family members are carrying on living.

I am so proud to be volunteering with an organisation that wants to help the Nepalese people move from just merely surviving to living meaningfully – the way Jesus created us to (John 10:10). The purpose of immediate aid is to help people survive the day but OM Nepal’s long term aims are to keep working with these villages to help restore them to full life. We want to help them rebuild their homes and their lives, and move forward from the terrible disaster with a new or refreshed knowledge of Jesus Christ and his overwhelming, all powerful love.

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