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27 MAR, 2015 | NEPAL

OM International

As part of OM Nepal’s one-year Joshua Training Course (JTC) programme, a group of four young men set out to the southern Siraha district of Nepal, after receiving one month of training in the Kathmandu valley. This small team, ranging from ages 15-21, devoted three weeks to serving in various villages along the Indian border. The team walked for hours every day dispersing tracts, distributing Gospel books and leading conversations about Christ as the opportunity arose.

Leaving the familiarity of their own villages and families while forsaking common comforts and taking on the challenge of an unacquainted language – this is done not for themselves but for the sake of Nepalese people living in one of the nation’s most unreached districts. The area is known for its prevalent poverty, which has led to the lack of education amongst the low-caste people groups in the area, including many Maithili peoples. The Maithili speak a language of their own; and while they learn Nepalese at school, the majority of the adults lose their ability to speak it due to lack of use, resulting in a language barrier between themselves and their own countrymen.

The team utilised their ministry skills by performing compelling dramas at local schools and building relationships with villagers. Over the course of the three weeks, the team visited many of the surrounding villages and spoke boldly the Gospel message in spite of the language obstacles.

At one point, the team connected with a local Christian who spoke both Nepalese and Maithili. With this blessing, they were able to communicate more effectively to the Maithili people. This was a testimony of how the Lord blessed their efforts by providing a Believer that assisted them in their ministry.

This small group of young men is just an example of the nine teams that OM Nepal sent out across eight of the least-reached districts of Nepal. The Lord has gifted them each with a passion to make His name known in their own nation in spite of the cost they must bear. Serving in rugged village settings is less than glamorous; the teams walk for hours by day and sleep on concrete or clay floors by night. However, their joy is obvious as they take this opportunity to live out elements of the ministry training they have received.

This is OM Nepal’s core value lived out: to raise up native believers to reach their own people.
Pray for the OM Nepal teams that are taking the truth of the Gospel to some of the least-reached parts of the world

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