The Impact of Education

 In Around the World, West and Central Asia

Teachers benefit too

Rehana* is one of the starter-primary school teachers, for whom an OM school has changed her life.

Rehana’s husband is a day labourer, so they had no regular income. This made getting enough money to feed their small family very difficult. Although Rehana had graduated from school some years ago, there were no employment opportunities in the area, and as a woman in Bangladesh, it was not appropriate for her to travel far from the village.

So, when OM opened a local school, she was thrilled. She knew there were many children who were being denied the basic right of getting a primary education, and she was even more thrilled when she was offered the job of teacher. Rehana was given specialised training to help her begin, which she found helpful.

“The course material is excellent, and I am able to structure the lessons from the help in the teachers’ study guide. It is great to see the children learn to read, write and do simple maths,” she beams. She also recognises the personal difference the school has made to her own life.

“Before I had no honour or purpose in life, but now people respect me because I am a teacher. The dynamics of my family have also changed – our family is so much more peaceful, and my husband and I have a greater sense of unity. It is amazing to see my husband helping me prepare the lessons.”

Praise God for the lives changed through the starter schools. Pray that more children would benefit from getting an education and that through these schools they will come to know their Saviour.

*Name changed

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