Fulfilling a dream

 In West and Central Asia

Nita faced challenges in the way of reaching her dream. Now she teaches at OM’s village primary school, bringing hope to Bangladesh’s next generation.

The future outlook of the average person in Bangladesh is not bright. As one of the world’s most crowded nations, Bangladesh faces a significant challenge to provide infrastructure and opportunities to its people both in education and job possibilities. These go hand in hand. The more educated and skilled a person is, the better their odds of getting a job that could adequately provide for their family.
Education for children is challenging. Many children have to drop out of school to work and make money. This closes the door for future education. In other cases, there is no government school close to their village. Seeing the need, OM works alongside local communities to create educational opportunities within a local village. Teachers are trained and supervised, children are educated in single class primary schools to catch up in the school system and their parents also have literacy education.

Nita* is one of OM’s primary school teachers, whose meaningful work in the community had positively affected her own family as well. This is her story:
My father, a weaver, dreamed to educate his children, but his earnings barely supported us. I worked alongside him while studying and through our combined hard work I graduated. Sadly my father died before that.

I longed to help our struggling weavers community; so many children didn’t attend school. While looking for work, I heard of an agency working with primary schools and adult literacy needing people to work from their homes. I told them of my dream to help my community and they hired me. I am grateful that I can earn some money to help my own family and see my dream fulfilled. – Nita*

*Name changed to protect identity.

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