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Through OM Bangladesh’s starter-primary schools over one thousand boys and girls are given the chance to get an education. Though the school opens doors to a better future for these children, their current lives are often full of tragedy. Rihana* is just one example.

As you look around the year-three class, Rihana stands out. Her family is extremely poor, so Rihana did not start formal education until OM Bangladesh opened a school near her home. She is older and much taller than the others in the class, and thankfully she has continued attending school without being married off.

Rihana’s family squat on government land on the side of a dyke. They had to move when they lost their home and land due to erosion from the river. Rihana’s father has a wasting disease and has little strength to work. He runs a tea stall on the side of the road where he sits all day, and he had depended on his wife to do the work. Before and after school Rihana would clean and work in the tea stall too.

The tea stall has a small television, which attracts customers. Recently, late at night, Rihana’s mother was adjusting the TV input cable and touched the electric supply. The electric shock killed her on the spot.

Can you imagine the grief in the heart of this young girl? Rihana still attends school, which helps her cope with the loss of her mother and brings her comfort. However, her father cannot run the tea shop on his own, and Rihana has a younger sister, who also needs care.

Please pray that God would be a present help to Rihana, and that she would continue to develop academically. Pray that the hope of Christ would be real in Rihana’s life. 

*Name changed

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