One common activity that defines and determines the nature of life for mankind is business. Many business people ask if there is a place for business in mission and can it be used to bring about transformation? OM has taken on this challenge under a ministry called Business4Transformation (B4T). Through B4T we seek to make a kingdom impact by engaging with the business world.

B4T is a partnership of entrepreneurs and investors that aims to maximise social, economic, environmental and spiritual transformation in communities. This partnership model is the B4T approach, where we seek to develop successful, sustainable businesses that have the higher goal of Kingdom impact through mutual cooperation, support and accountability. B4T means much more than capital, offering sound business acumen and coaching as well as monitoring a business’s ability to make a measurable impact in its circles of influence and interaction. Together, our goal is to see the blessing of God as a business’s commitment to ministry is recognised and appreciated in the community.

Unlike charity, B4T brings about genuine, lasting socio-economic change as people are taught and empowered to help themselves. B4T testifies to the transformational Gospel by first transforming the business arena and its communities through successful and ethical business models.

Increasingly, successful Christian business people want to use their money and their skills to make an impact for mission. B4T recognises this added value as essential, as many entrepreneurs seek not only capital but also expertise and mentoring. Investors may have experience in a related field or work to acquire access to new markets or needed expertise for growth.

God’s work done
in God’s way
will never lack God’s supply.

- Hudson Taylor


B4T Co-ordinator - Alan Clarke

Alan has had over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and recycling in the plastics industry. He has been involved in his local church for over 45 years and has always had a heart for supporting overseas missions. Alan is husband to Vicki who is just as passionate about seeing lives transformed through the B4T process. B4T is a wonderful tool for empowering local business men and women and bringing transformational investment to them.


To see local businesses flourish as a result of resources, expertise, mentoring and accountability, brought to them through partnerships with investors from around the world. To see lives and communities transformed.


To engage, establish and empower local entrepreneurs and investors. These partnerships will maximise social, economic, environmental and spiritual transformation in communities.

Get Involved

We are looking for business people to serve as local field developers in countries around the world. You may have expertise as consultants to serve.

We also need business investors to join with us on investor trips. Investor teams invest in transformational businesses and champion the concept of B4T and the vision of OM to see every nation reached for the Gospel.

Field Developers:

are appointed in each area where B4T operates around the world. They are the people who understand local business practices as well as culture. The Field Developer is the key person linking the entrepreneur and investor.

B4T Developer Apprentice:

An opportunity for young business graduates who are willing to give two years to learn and grow in business and in a cross-cultural setting.

Other areas of need are:

Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, Investors and Developer Coaches.

Can your gifts be used to further God’s Kingdom in some of the least reached places in the world?

[email protected]
0400 366 077



For God and for people



To think through business plans so that Kingdom impact profits are made



Hands on ability to run a business

Before an investment is made into the life of an entrepreneur, they SURVIVE.

After training and investment they begin to THRIVE.

Communities are transformed and there are CHANGED LIVES.


Lives really can be transformed through investment into business.

Kai was a man with a vision of starting a business to give his family a strong foundation for the future. After a small initial investment was made into his business, it proved to be very successful. He purchases dried chilli in bulk and sells it in retail quantities to local restaurants and homes. Additional investment was given to Kai for a larger delivery vehicle and more stock.

There has been a great demand for Kai’s chillies, which has created more opportunities to grow his business further.

Kai has built a new house for his extended family and uses his original home for bible college students. This investment was not purely about money – it has transformed all areas of his life and he is a different man today.



In 2012, in a village in Pathein Myanmar, a small community was about to receive a great gift. This village spends four months of every year under two metres of water. They needed a little help and through funding received from an investor, they now have a strong annual rice production.

As the business has grown it has been able to purchase several mechanical rice harvesters for its own use and can now hire them out to other growers.

The village is also being transformed through funding from the business for the redevelopment of old timber homes into concrete based structures that better survive the rainy seasons.

This would not have been possible without faithful investors stepping out of their comfort zones. The investment was not only beneficial in earthly terms but has changed many hearts and lives for eternity.



PSALM 112:5

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