When all is good

“How are you?” – how often have you heard or even said it yourself in the last 7 days? Where I come from we don’t usually ask someone how they are and if we do, we are prepared to have a [...]

TeenStreet Testimonies

Teenagers are looking for meaning in their lives, and TeenStreet aims to give exactly that with coaches who walk closely alongside them in small groups and point them towards Jesus and life with [...]

Living out the message of God

“Once again Islam and radical Muslims have become daily headlines,” said John* from OM Australia’s Ministry to Australian People (MAP). “The terror of groups like IS and Boko Haram leave [...]

Connecting at TeenStreet Australia

From 7-11 July, over 440 people descended on Gatton, Australia for TeenStreet. Despite the bitterly cold weather, teens gathered from all over Australia to experience how connecting with God [...]

Prayer and the Word of God changes lives

One Friday afternoon, a young Lebanese man boldly approached MAP Australia’s book table. Although Peter* from OM had no memory of him, the Lebanese man said, “I watched that movie you gave me! I [...]

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