Yangon, Myanmar Port Report

This first ever visit of Logos Hope to Myanmar was full of opportunities. From the five millionth visitor for this ship to a special event for monks and nuns and from practical help in villages [...]

Cebu, Philippines Port Report

The month-long visit to Cebu was full of opportunities for Logos Hope’s crew and staff to bring knowledge, help and hope to a wide cross-section of the community in and around Cebu. This [...]

Subic Bay, Philippines Port Report

Subic Bay was the second of three ports in this tour of the Philippines and this video shows some of the highlights of the ministry done through healthcare, the arts and tackling social issues.

A Great Hope

06 APR, 2015 | SHIPS Flora Man Before the sun rose on Sunday, 5 April, some Logos Hope crew were already up at six preparing for the morning’s outdoor Easter sunrise service on the uppermost deck [...]

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