Marriage in Different Cultures

NEAR EAST An OM worker serving in the Near East The main part of our ministry is visiting and getting into meaningful conversations. But last night’s visit was a little different. A Christian [...]

Living our faith “Out Loud”

NORTH AFRICA An OM family serving in Northern Africa Our team works in North Africa living our faith “out loud” and asking God for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ [...]

Restoration of a life through art

10 APR, 2015 | EGYPT Nicole James Tony* arrived in Egypt just after the 2011 revolution, as a wave of artists across the country began communicating thoughts and principles through art. During [...]

God restored what was lost

15 APR, 2015 | NEAR EAST Nicole James After 31 years spent building a career and a community in her home country, Esther* answered God’s call to move to the Middle East. “You lose your language, [...]

More than coffee and sweets

So as to escape their hot summer climate, wealthy Muslims for the Persian Gulf visit Australia in July and August to enjoy the cooler winter climate. To share God’s love with these [...]

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