April Update 2014

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Throughout the Bible is a wonderful theme: freedom. From God rescuing His people from slavery all the way through to Jesus declaring that He has come to set captives free, we see that God is interested in bringing us freedom. The first chapter of Matthew outlines the lineage of Christ and reminds us that God chose to redeem fallen people through injecting the bloodline of Jesus. God is in the business of using His Son to transform lives and communities in order to bring freedom through His love and grace!


Because of Jesus I am filled with hope for our world and pray that God will use all of us to bring justice and freedom. One of the biggest injustices in our world today is seen in India. The caste system is still imbedded within Indian society and people are oppressed through a religious system that teaches that god Brahma created people in their castes according to his people within the lowest caste (the untouchables or Dalits) is 300 million.

This is one of the leading forms of slavery in our world today as the untouchables are made to live outside the city centres in surrounding villages and participate in degrading work such as dealing with dead bodies and the removal of human waste. Ironically, although being called “untouchable” they are also the most commonly trafficked people into the sex industry in India due to their vulnerability.


At OM Australia we are actively seeking to change this through our Child Sponsorship Program. Child Sponsorship sets these children free through education giving them the best possible chance of a future and teaching them that they have been created equal in God’s eyes. This provides them with an opportunity to break out of the Caste system which entraps them. Recently a young lady who served previously with OM heard the call of God to join our team.  She now assists us with growing our Child Sponsorship Program and writes:

My name is Kathleen Emerson and I am the new Dalit Freedom Child Sponsorship Coordinator. I previously served with OM South Africa in 2010, working with vulnerable and highly disadvantaged children within the local community. I have a burning heart for the lost and outcaste. It is my lifelong mission to be a voice for the unheard. I took on this new role at OM Australia with great enthusiasm. It is so inspiring to witness everyday Christians putting their money where their mouth is. I am passionate about the Dalit Education Centres and the Sponsorship program. I know that God is doing immeasurable work in India and will continue to do so because of people like you!

I invite you to join our Dalit Sponsorship Program by writing to Kathleen at: [email protected] or calling (03) 8820 3200. Let us unite for freedom for Dalits in the Name of Jesus!

ciac circle logoCoins in a Can

Our Coins in a Can appeal was launched in 2013.  Many of you took up the challenge to save your small change to fund OM projects around the world. We are immensely grateful to each of you who participated!

The great news is that over $14,000 will now be sent to the three identified projects to fully fund the work!  Be encouraged – you made this possible!   Communities and lives are being transformed as follows:

Ukraine: sports ministry, job creation, youth café ministry, community centre renovations and sewing classes.

South Asia (country name withheld for security reasons): showing of Gospel films, sports ministry, farming projects, reliable power for training centre.

Albania: school food packs, children’s schooling, basic education such as reading.

Excited? Want to continue to save those coins? Then please continue to do so. There is so much great work to which OM can direct the donations. Don’t forget, your small change = big difference! We are so grateful for your support!

pft-feb-14Aussies Moving Out!

In January we sent ten Australians to various nations around the world. From 24 Feb – 1 March, ten new people (pictured) attended our Pre-Field Training (PFT) program to prepare to go out on mission with OM.  This is a time we celebrate!

Seeing people mobilized for the ‘harvest field’ is at the absolute core of what we do and we are blessed and privileged to invest in these quality people who are now raising up support teams and preparing to ‘go’. It was especially exciting to see God answer our prayers for more single men to take up the challenge to go!

fc_logo_final_darkFreedom Climb is a project of OM raising funds, awareness, advocacy and prayer for those caught in trafficking, oppression and slavery, this through any event where we can tell the story of how OMers are combatting these issues.

Sat May 24:      Ladies’ breakfast North Blackburn, Melbourne

Sun May 25:     1,000 steps climb, Melbourne

Sat May 31:      Movie night Albury/Wodonga

Sat Aug 2:        Brisbane climb

Sat Sept 6:       Armidale climb

Sat Sept 20:      Albury/Wodonga climb

Oct 7 – 12:         International Climb Table Mountain, Sth Africa 

(climb, justice seminar, prayer)

November:       Vision trip to Bangladesh to visit projects (max 8 people)

Feb 26, 2015:    Corporate climb Kilimanjaro

For information about any of the events or to join a local committee, email [email protected]



“God has made me realise that He wants all of me so that I can serve Him best.”

God is changing hearts and lives through the ministry of TeenStreet.  This year’s event will be held from 7-11 July in Gatton, QLD, where between 400-600 teens and leaders are expected to gather for teaching, prayer, worship, outreach and a whole lot of fun!

teenstreet-2014TeenStreet works with the local church to equip Christian teens to love Jesus and to share and reflect Him in their world. We already have 73 churches engaged with us and would love to partner with your church, too. Watch our promo video to hear more stories of changed lives and to learn more about the ministry of TeenStreet at:  www.teenstreet.org.au

Thank you for standing with us as together we transform lives and communities!  

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