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It is not uncommon for me to spend the first few hours of my working day in a cafe. Praying, reading my Bible, replying to emails and thinking through the day ahead. While doing this a few months ago, I started scanning through the newspaper lying next to me.

The article that caught my eye was about cuts to the foreign aid budget. The story focused on the fact that foreign aid cuts in Australia have taken funding from eye clinics in Pakistan. The article (Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Dec 2015) told the story of two year old Imran. Due to cancer, doctors had to remove a tumour causing Imran to lose half his sight. It stated that Imran was lucky. His mother took him to an eye clinic for treatment in a program funded by Australian taxpayers.

This clinic gave children a brighter future. Now, because of these cuts, children like Imran will not have access to facilities that we take for granted, facilities that would make their future brighter.

I was really saddened when I read the article because Australians in general are generous – I’ve seen it time and time again through faithful supporters of OM. We have a heart for people, for those less fortunate and we long to help the world’s poorest regions. We have resources at our disposal to contribute significantly and when our government cuts aid funding, it makes it very hard to achieve the promises that we as Australians want to fulfil for the rest of the world.

At the same time as I was discouraged, I felt a great sense of hope. Hope because of organisations like OM. We mobilise people who love Jesus to go into the world and make a life transforming difference.

Last year we have raised more money than ever before. It has been used to alleviate poverty and transform lives and communities around the world. We don’t do this to feel better about ourselves or out of a sense of obligation because we are blessed. We do it because we are motivated by the love of God. It inspires us to love through acts of kindness. We are motivated by love – love for our neighbours who desperately need an eternal hope.

I am honoured to be in the position of National Director of OM Australia because I know that through the faithful work of those who are motivated by the love of Jesus, God’s Kingdom is furthered. I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with us, thank you to everyone who has a heart to see the spread of the Gospel and the name of Jesus proclaimed. Let us stand together, motivated by the love of Jesus, to love our neighbour with all that is in us.

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Noddy Sharma

National Director of OM Australia

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