This year has proven just how valuable freedom is. We’ve all had our freedom restricted, some more than others.

As we celebrate the Christmas season and look forward to enjoying increasing freedom, we are reminded of the ultimate freedom that is made possible by the birth of Jesus.

Can you imagine

life without freedom?

Can you imagine what it’s like for millions of families who don’t enjoy our freedom?

Project Freedom

urgently needs your support.

Will you help fight human trafficking and protect the freedom of women, children and families in Cambodia?

This Christmas, your tax-deductible gift will help pay for essential services that get women and children off the streets and into tuition, sports and viable employment.

Every dollar counts

Project Freedom | 2020 Christmas Appeal

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helps keep children off the street by providing sport activities for two weeks.


helps cover the cost of medical support for someone for a week.


helps replace a basic computer in the classroom.


helps support the average staff cost of a local Christian teacher for three months.

Stories of Impact

from Cambodia