The Silk Road

Wheelchair Initiative

End of Financial Year Appeal


In 2014, we hosted a Christmas Appeal that funded relief and development projects in Central Asia. By the Grace of God, and as a result of your giving, we have witnessed tremendous achievements for Phase 1 of these projects.

This end of financial year (EOFY), we are committing to fund Phase 2 of the Central Asia project, by focussing on the Silk Road Wheelchair Initiative. As we align ourselves with Christ’s heart for the poor and needy, we desire to see people with a disability empowered and rejuvenated by tangibly supporting them to reach their full potential.

Goal 1


provide 400 wheelchairs and maintanance training

Meet Rahima

Rahima is 16 and for the first time in her life she is going to school every day without any help! Before meeting our wheelchair service team, Rahima often felt isolated and cut off from society. Now with a good wheelchair adjusted especially for her needs she can easily conquer the 800m to the nearby school that seemed to be so out of reach most of her life – she is free!

Goal 2


support 400 people living with disabilities and their families

Meet Adolat

Adolat is 12. When we first saw Adolat she was tied to a chair. She is a very active girl who wants to explore her environment, but her parents tried to keep her from harming her knees by crawling all day, over rough ground in the house and yard.

A few weeks after fitting her a wheelchair we went back to the family to check how she was doing – she is out and about by herself, exploring and riding her wheelchair along the street and her court yard. When we went in to visit with her parents she didn’t even want to come inside because she didn't want to be out of her wheelchair - even for some time just sitting down, without the ability to move. Her world has grown so much by being mobile!

Goal 3


create wheelchair accessible areas in houses, workplaces and schools

Meet Sunnat

Sunnat is 13 years old. When we met him he had no wheelchair and only an old walker, but the way to school was too far for him to walk. His teacher came and visited him at home and tried to teach him as much as possible, but it was a very lonely time. Now Sunnat is taking his wheelchair to school and has made friends in his class with all the boys he only knew from his teachers stories before. The walker is still useful to get around the house but the wheelchair has enabled him to gain access to school, a full education and a lot of new friends among his peers.

Goal 4


follow up with 350 previously supported families

Silk Road Wheelchair Initiative

Through your giving, wheelchairs will be provided to an affected community along the Silk Road who would otherwise be immobile.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are no wheelchairs produced within this region that meet the standard wheelchair requirements. Approximately 1 in 100 people in this region are affected by disability and require wheelchairs. Within a culture that discriminates against people with a disability, they are left feeling unwanted, as they are kept distant from society and unable to attend school or work.

We are choosing to be Christ’s light in this darkness, to be an instrument of change for a community bound by stereotypes and superstition. We are working alongside an internationally recognised organisation which specialises in flat-pack wheelchairs for developing countries.

It is our goal to fund the next order of wheelchairs by October 2016, as well as financially resource the fitting and maintenance services to ensure that each individual’s needs are catered to.

Join with us this EOFY and invest in distict change that will see lives and communities transformed in Jesus’ name.

Give Now

All donations to the OM Overseas Aid Fund of $2 or more are fully tax deductible



Giving Suggestions


$ 100:

renovation of a house for wheelchair access


$ 300:

salary & training of 1 local staff member for a month


$ 450:

1 wheelchair & shipping costs to Central Asia

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