Frontline Fathers


Father's Day 2016


Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to honour and celebrate our fathers!

For the first time, OM Australia is running a special Father's Day campaign. This is an opportunity for you to stand with father's who are serving on the frontline of mission. For this inaugural Father's Day campaign, we have chosen to support OM Russia's Discipleship Centre, run by Australian OM worker and father of 5, Tim Kay.

It's so special watching your kids grow up knowing that the main reason we live where we live is because of Jesus.

I remember when my oldest was only about four years old (he's now ten). We had just spent a month on a short term trip in Russia as we prepared to come here long term in the future. We had explained to him that we want to follow Jesus wherever he leads us. As we were walking along the street that day, my four year old passionately explained "YES. We will follow Jesus wherever He wants us to go! If He wants us to go to China, we'll go to China! If He wants us to go to Russia, we'll go to Russia! We'll go wherever He wants!"

It was such a powerful moment to realise that being on the mission field is itself a great statement to our children. And we all know that children mainly learn by example.

- Tim Kay. OM Russia

What is the Discipleship Centre?

Watch this short video to find out

A message from Tim...

Russia is a vast nation and has a huge number of unreached people groups from the East to the West. Our team has now begun a process of praying and strategising about how we can best reorientate all of our ministries to focus on Russia’s least reached.

Here are a few ideas about how we hope to achieve this:

  • Send our Discipleship Centre students on their monthly mission trips to unreached people groups in the surrounding regions (most of these are a few extra hours away from where we currently send students).
  • Have more of a focus on unreached people and church planting in our Discipleship Centre course with a goal of raising up Russian missionaries to reach them.
  • Open up a new base around the Sochi area. There are many unreached peoples in this region. Some of the leadership team recently went on a scouting trip there with encouraging reports.


will train up and send out 1 student

...just like Yury (pictured here)

Make a difference this Father's Day

We'd love for you to pray and consider giving to this amazing ministry. We look forward in eager expectation of seeing those trained in reaching the many unreached people groups of Russia.

$1000 equals 1 student trained up and sent out to an unreached people group. Please consider giving and being part of the solution in reaching unreached people across the great country of Russia.

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