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Mission Discipleship Training (MDT) - South Africa

MDT disciples and equips believers to take their part in God’s transformation of lives and communities both locally and among the nations.

Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an intensive training programme aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you. We focus on growing you in your journey as a disciple through four key areas: cross-cultural community life, one-on-one mentoring, study-based knowledge and practical experience.

Our programme will take you through a discipleship module, give you a structure of spiritual discipline and cover an introduction to missions through our missions module. We live in a community of many nations and cultures from across the world, learning how to understand and grow together. Alongside this, we take you on several outreaches and ministry days to discover the wide variety of communities, cultures and ministry areas God is using here in South Africa.

We aim to prepare you, equip you and expand your world view as you discover all that God has prepared in advance for you to do!

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