Personnel Officer

Do you have a passion for missions, and do you enjoy helping people find their role in it? OM Italia needs someone like you to who is passionate about recruiting and caring for people who are interested in joining OM.
2-3 Years
Part Time
As soon as possible
- lead the placement process for those joining OM Italia
- ensure that new workers are sufficiently prepared to join the field
- work with the team and field leader and other member care staff to ensure appropriate care is provided for all personnel
- comply with OM personnel policy and agreed best practice
- assist in making personnel needs known by writing and posting job descriptions
- work with others to promote excellence in OM's overall recruiting, placement, management, training, and care of personnel

- Able to connect with people, a good networker
- Good administrative skills
- Able to communicate clearly and effectively in English
- Commitment to learn Italian and become part of the local community
- Proficient in basic computer skills
- Willingness to serve on a multi-cultural team
- Good judgment and discretion with people and information
- Cares deeply for people and has a vision to see the personnel ministry fit into the larger mandate of the Great Commission

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Are you ready to make a difference with the skills God has given you in finance?

We are looking for someone to join our Africa Area Finance team.

You will provide support to field finance staff and team leadership to enable them to produce accurate and useful financial reports which leads to better decision making.

The long term goal is to provide training and resources so that local staff can be self-sufficient.
OM in Belgium is looking for people with compassion and strong will to work among victims of trafficking, to advocate at the European and national level for better laws and more helpful treatment by the authorities, and to gently share the gospel through a consistent, loving lifestyle. This role is about building long-term relationships with women whose relationships are exclusively transactional and ephemeral.
Are you a qualified social worker with specialization in supporting women, unemployed men or youth at risk?  Did you have empathy to work with vulnerable or marginalised individuals over time, with a strengths based approach to recognized value and build capacity? Do you have the heart and grit see isolated and unreached communities reached with the eternal hope of the Gospel?
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