Short-term Outreach Coordinating Team Member

Come and be part of what God is doing in France, transforming hearts, lives and local churches through short-term missions.
Short-term missions (STM) are intense weeks where churches and Christians from across the world come together to share the good news of Christ with the least-reached. These missions can be catalysts for transformation in the lives of the people we meet during the outreach, the lives of the participants themselves, and even the local church partners!
As long as possible
Full Time
We’re looking for someone who will listen to churches and respond to their needs, working with them to create an outreach programme for their local community. You’ll need to be well-organised, able to plan and coordinate activities and training sessions, as well as being flexible enough to adapt to different situations!

Throughout the year you’ll work to ensure that the missions are promoted both in France and abroad, establishing contacts across the OM world and communicating effectively with churches and individuals.  Ideal applicants will have a heart for France and for seeing lives changed by God. 

You will also be responsible for our 3-month discipleship programme "Formation Explore" (

For an insight into the world of short-term missions, have a read of some of these articles written by the previous STM coordinator:

Key criteria:
– You must be reasonably fluent in French and English.
– 2 year minimum commitment period (ideally longer)
– Have a passion for seeing foreign Christians come to win souls for the Lord in France
– Be willing to travel
– Be well-organised
– Have good communication skills
– Be based in the Paris region

Spiritual Requirements

To be growing in your relationship with God. To love God and people as yourself. Be passionate about discipleship. Willing to grow spiritually in community, accept to have a mentor (could be someone outside of OM)

Vous pouvez trouver le descriptif de ce rôle en français sur notre site :

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your gifting and passions? Or are you a student who wants to practice their vocation in a cross-cultural setting? OM is mobilising young Jesus followers to join our international team and serve and experience ministry in Ireland. We are open to have interns come from 2 weeks to 6 months, or even up to a year! Dates are flexible, although there might be more opportunities to help in other ministries during the spring/summer.
We are a community of Jesus followers living in Central North Africa with a passion and mission to share the love of Christ with the least reached of this region.
We focus on prayerfully building relationships leading to disciple-making with the goal of establishing VCJFs.  We use businesses, language teaching, arts and music and tourism to grow links with the local communities. Media and follow-up ministries help us to develop new relationships with those who are seeking.

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