Jungle experience – LIVE Talamanca

The indigenous communities of Costa Rica live in very remote areas, the majority in the mountains of Talamanca. OM Costa Rica has a ministry in this area called, “Live Talamanca,” which strives to bring tangible transformation by meeting social development needs and spiritual transformation through long-term discipleship.
As long as possible
Full Time
As soon as possible
OM Costa Rica is looking for someone to fulfill the vision of “Live Talamanca project,” with relief help and ministry aspects such as medical brigades, practical work, children’s ministry, Bible studies, missions mobilization, and different kinds if creative ministry. The team would like to welcome an enthusiastic Christian with a flexible mentality and willingness to work and possible to live in a rural context among the indigenous in Talamanca.

– Have a strong relationship with Jesus.
– Being self-motivated,flexible, punctual, creative, and a good team player.
– Somebody with a positive attitude with endurance and patience.
– Willingness to travel in rural areas and live in the area at the OM Costa Rica base.
– Ability to setup new ministry programs and with good administrations and organizational skills.
– Somebody who speaks Spanish or has a least mid-level of Spanish and/or willingness to continue to learn the language. Also preferably a person who also speaks English.
– Willing to work with local churches, pastors and leaders among the indigenous
– Apply creative evangelism among the indigenous
– Ministry involvement: be actively involved in team life and in other ministries that the field has.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


OM in Belgium is looking for people with compassion and strong will to work among victims of trafficking, to advocate at the European and national level for better laws and more helpful treatment by the authorities, and to gently share the gospel through a consistent, loving lifestyle. This role is about building long-term relationships with women whose relationships are exclusively transactional and ephemeral.
Since our beginnings, we have been driven by a deep conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the gospel at least once. Sadly, there are still thousands of peoples and communities that have never heard about Jesus, ever. Do you share our passion for these people to hear of His fame and renown? We are looking for you, and many more like you, to join us on this journey to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers established among the least reached all over the world.
Do you have a passion for Jesus and share our desire to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers established? In partnership with the Austria Training Center (ATC) as well as with churches and denominations it is our goal that communities of at least 50 Jesus-followers per 5000 inhabitants are started throughout Austria.
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