Year Programme Participant

The Year Programme GSM is a 10-month training designed for individuals to grow in their relationship with God and their identity in Christ. We want each participant to be shaped and inspired to be the person God has made them to be. We aim to provide tools for participants to grow in their relationship with God. We will walk with them as they wrestle, learn, do, and grow. At the end of the programme, we hope each participant will be able to contribute to our VCJF vision.
6-12 months
Full Time
Participant’s profile:

o Between 18 and 30 years old.
o Has a desire to be challenged in their personal and spiritual life, and are excited about new opportunities, learning, and growing.
o Is motivated and eager to learn one of the local languages of Belgium.
o Is prepared to live in community with others.

Visa Requirements: Due to current visa related issues, we can only accept participants with a passport from the EU or Schengen Area.

What a working week in the Year Programme looks like:

o Dedicated teaching blocks, discovery Bible studies, and book discussions.
o 12 hours per week of practical ministry time (e.g. Online Evangelism, Maintenance/Cleaning, Communications, Events, etc).
o Participation in ‘OM in Belgium’ team meetings.
o Language learning & local integration.
o Local volunteering & outreach.
o Meetings with a personal mentor.

In- house programme modules content

The Year Programme consists of three modules, each of which covers an important part of Christian faith and life. Participants will learn through teaching, studying, and practical learning.

Module 1:  Knowing yourself and others

o Who am I?
o My secret life with God (Solitude)
o Accountability lifestyle
o Spiritual Disciplines
o Rest & Boundaries
o StrengthsFinder
o Love languages
o Team dynamics / Belbin test
o Resolving conflicts well

Module 2: Living as a disciple

o Identity in Christ
o Prayer
o The Trinity
o Mentoring as a lifestyle
o Lead a Bible study
o Disciples making disciples
o Leadership skills
o Emotional intelligence and convictions
o Kingdom theology
o Knowing your gifts and your calling
o Spiritual gifts

Module 3: Living with purpose

o I have influence
o Building vibrant communities of Jesus followers
o Missions
o What is a missional lifestyle
o Stewardship of resources
o Outreach projects (humanitarian, social justice etc…)
o Mission trips
o Optional for long termers : fundraising


Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Do you thrive on equipping people to grow and be more effective?  Do you have experience in teaching and training? If you enjoy a diverse team and community, this could be the job for you!

The Director of Training is responsible for developing and delivering training to a broad spectrum of artists to aid in their holistic development and ministry to the least reached.
We are a community of Jesus followers living in Central North Africa with a passion and mission to share the love of Christ with the least reached of this region.
We focus on prayerfully building relationships leading to disciple-making with the goal of establishing VCJFs.  We use businesses, language teaching, arts and music and tourism to grow links with the local communities. Media and follow-up ministries help us to develop new relationships with those who are seeking.
Do you love to listen to people's stories, build relationships and speak into people's situations? This role of people care is to be a person within our team who is focused on the mental and emotional well being of the team members and to give counseling if needed. We seek a person with a great love for their fellow Christians, and who desires to assist, counsel and provide spiritual care for our missionaries as they serve God in this country.

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