Business Trainers for microcredit/Business Centre

We are looking for someone with some experience to train people to start a microcredit business in a local area.
2 Years
Full Time
We are looking for someone who has worked in a business or ha run his/her own business. This person should be able to share experience and teach expertise in a culturally sensitive way. For us experience is more important than certificates.

Other Requirements:
– willingness to learn language and culture,
– boldness to pursue uncharted avenues of outreach,  and
– a deep desire to preach the Gospel in daily life as well as during outreach.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Are you excited to support Chinese-Speaking workers through a web platform?

Chinese World Ministry (CWM) is developing a web platform that provides a virtual community space for Chinese Cross-Culture workers.

We are looking for someone who are able to do website developer and the tasks are the following:

1. Maintain and troubleshooting website UI/UX
2. Develop website functions when needed
3. Provide technical support for the website management and/or users
Do you like to work administratively and organizationally and thus support other services and members across departments?
Your tasks:
• Support the head of administrator
• Assistance in personnel administration, including entry/exit administration, work hour control, research tasks, development of various areas
• Assistance in the finance department
• Event planning: including prayer days, team retreat
• Supporting activities, including proofreading, list creation
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