Personnel Manager (International Field)

The Personnel Manager will oversee and develop the people management processes and systems for the International Field (approx. 190 people worldwide), and ensure good practice in the delivery of these services.
2 Years
Full Time
As soon as possible
•Leadership: Lead the International Field’s Personnel function and projects
•Continuous improvement of personnel service: Lead the development and implementation of new/ improved processes and tools to ensure good practice in personnel management for the International Field, and contribute to global Personnel projects
•Support for senior leaders: Provide people management advice, coaching and support to senior leaders, with a particular focus on workforce planning, talent attraction and talent management to build quality, depth and diversity in our international staff team
•Transition coordination: Oversee effective onboarding, transfer and exit processes for all non-UK based international staff to ensure a consistent, quality and user-friendly service
•Day-to-day management of personnel processes: Oversee personnel management processes for UK-based international staff throughout employee lifecycle, and ensure all Personnel policies and procedures remain compliant with current UK employment regulations.

•High level of written and fluent spoken English
•Strong interpersonal and influencing skills
•Able to design and implement HR policies and procedures
•Able to apply legislative/regulatory frameworks
•Confident user of Microsoft Office suite

• Service-focus
• People-orientation
• High emotional and cultural intelligence
• Wisdom and discernment
• Integrity and professional ethics

•Qualifications in Personnel/ Human Resource Management or related discipline, or 5+ years’ experience in a Personnel/ HR role
•Cross-cultural experience
•Experience leading a virtual/ remote-working team
• Good understanding of OM's mission, culture and structure (desirable)
• Knowledge of UK employment law (preferred)

Occupational requirement: The nature of the role and the context in which it is carried out dictate that it is an occupational requirement that the person appointed is a Christian, in full agreement with the OM Statement of Faith and Core Values.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


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