Event Coordinator

We are looking for a motivated and well-organized Event Coordinator to join our team. In this role you will be working with the Development Department and responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and coordinating various types of events!
As long as possible
Full Time
As soon as possible
Event Planning and Organizing:
Oversee all aspects of event planning and organizing

1. Establishing relationships with venues and vendors.
2. Determine the costs and submit budgets to the Director of Development.
3. Liaise with communications department to help produce invitations.
4. Planning event aspects such as seating, dining, and guest lists.
5. Liaise with vendors, exhibitors, and stakeholders during the event planning process to ensure everything is in order, including making final checks on the day of the event.
6. Maintain event budgets.

Event Management:
Oversee all aspects of event management

1. Manage/supervise all event set-up and tear down processes.
2. Coordinate event entertainment, including music and speakers.
3. Oversee event happenings and act quickly to resolve problems.
4. Arrange for payments to be made to vendors and other clients.

Event Assessment:
Evaluating and assessing events

1. Assess an event’s overall success and submit findings to the Director of Development.
2. Review event budgets following each event.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


As a bookkeeper serving on the mission field, you will provide much-needed support to the accountant on the OM team, and you will fulfil a vital ministry role toward the purpose of seeing more vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. We are looking for knowledgeable, detail-oriented individuals who will handle the paperwork associated with OM's business and ministry transactions, including petty cash, data entry, bills, accounts, banking and record keeping. Participation in local ministry and team life may also be aspects of your role
Exists to give overall leadership to the ministry, resources, people and networks in the Republic of Ireland, in order to ensure the vision and mission of the Field is accomplished in alignment with OM mission and vision. This is done with the support of the Field Leadership Team.
As an accountant on the mission field with OM, you will use your financial management skills toward the purpose of seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers established among the least reached. This important role is vital to ministry on the field. As an accountant in OM, you would provide accountability for the cash transactions conducted on the field and perform duties to assist with accounting functions pertaining to bank accounts, budgets, journal entries, financial reporting and administrative changes, guided by precedent and guidelines of established polices. Participation in local ministry and team life may also be aspects of your role.
Are you good with computers and IT and willing to use these gifts in overseas mission? We need someone to keep our systems functioning properly, to help our team in areas of IT that they don't understand and to handle security of devices and information.

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