Village Ministry Team members

Villages in Moldova are full of people waiting to hear the news about the freedom to be found in Christ. Because many working-age adults leave the country for better opportunities elsewhere, their children are often left behind, along with the elderly. Come join with a Moldovan church that wants to bring the joy and peace of Christ to these forgotten people.
1-2 Years
Full Time
As soon as possible
In our desire to see new churches planted in these little reached regions of Moldova, a crucial role is played by our Local Ministry Teams. These are small teams that come alongside local church planters and live within the local community, serving and reaching out to its people, thus supporting the church planting initiative in its very first stages. Unlike short-term outreach teams, these local teams stay for a few years, thus enabling them to build true relationships with the local people and keep a ministry running while there is not yet a core group of local believers. Moldovan churches do have the desire to reach their country, but often lack workers and resources themselves, so when they do send a church planter, they can usually not provide him with a team or resources. We help by coming alongside them until a small community of believers has been established and can continue by themselves under the leadership of the church planter, who remains when our local team withdraws. In several locations, churches are also being planted by OM workers who are Moldovan nationals and remain actively involved in their native regions while also getting involved in OM’s other ministries.

Recruits will be required to learn Romanian, although Russian speakers are very welcome

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


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