Do you have a passion for training and for helping others reach their full potential in ministry?  Are you passionate about reaching the least reached in  the MENA area?  Join us and help administer and coordinate our field's long and short term training options.
2-3 Years
Full Time
Our field in North Africa is looking to expand and develop it's training opportunities. With STEP into MENA, we hope to give participants an exposure to a MENA country and begin basic language and cross-cultural skills. We are also relaunching our 2 year training program with the desire to train a new generation of workers for our field. 
Our teams are focused on starting Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers through different type of means.  We need someone who will have training as their primary ministry.

We are looking for someone who has a:
– Vision to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in MENA.
– Servant-heart and willingness to learn, work in teams and adapt to new situations.
– Basic administrative and organizational skills.
– Passion for training others.
– Desire to help others grow in relationship with God and others.
– Friendly and open lifestyle and a shepherd’s heart.
– Good grasp of English; basic Arabic, French or Spanish a plus.

As training coordinator, you will be expected to:
1. Model good ministry and team life by participating in our team functions and engaging the local culture of our region.
2. Be responsible for coordinating and implementing STEP into MENA, our 3 month short term exposure program.
3. Help in mentoring and shepherding the 2-year training team participants as well as coordinating training days.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Do you have a passion for agriculture and a passion to bring the gospel to the people of Lesotho?

We are looking for men or women to train and educate Basotho people in agriculture and/or animal husbandry for their small-scale farming.
Te sens-tu appelé par Dieu à le servir en France ? Viens rejoindre l'équipe d'OM en France pour inspirer, mobiliser et équiper les autres pour que les églises grandissent et que leurs membres soient formés en tant que disciples et implique-toi concrètement dans l'un des pays d'Europe les moins touchés par l'Evangile.

Si tu as des compétences en informatique, viens nous aider à envoyer des Français au service des nations et à en accueillir d'autres pour œuvrer ici même en France !
Are you an experienced business owner or manager? Would you like to use your business skills, experience and contacts to build entrepreneurs?  Join us as a B4T Developer. You will work to grow Kingdom Businesses in some of the most needy parts of the world. Select entrepreneurs, train them in business skills, bring in investors; it is a tough job and not for the faint hearted. Our vision is to see Kingdom Business fulfill its vital role in the Great Commission.
Are you excited to support Chinese-Speaking workers through a web platform?

Chinese World Ministry (CWM) is developing a web platform that provides a virtual community space for Chinese Cross-Culture workers.

We are looking for someone who are able to do webserver management and the tasks are the following:

1. Maintain and troubleshooting server issues
2. Website performance/security monitoring

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