Exists to facilitate the placement, care and development of OM personnel working outside of Canada.
2-3 Years
Full Time
Oversee the application and preparation process in order to ensure applicants are received into OM Canada effectively.
Core activities
1.Respond quickly to any inquiries about joining OM
2.Develop understanding of OM ministries and information that will help in advising people on best places to serve.
3.Lead the application process in a way that is appropriate to the individual/family joining
4.Assessing the applicants’ suitability for the OM field they want to join using interviews and other assessment tools as required
5.Ensure pre-selection happens in accordance to OM Personnel policy.
6.Maintain good communication between sending field and applicant (as needed)
7.Provide coaching for the applicant on support raising, spiritual and logistical preparation.
8.Communicate acceptance or refusal of potential recruits’ applications to foreign fields
9.Facilitate the training of applicants in areas of OM core values, pre-field preparation, security issues, cross-cultural awareness, etc.

Gather and maintain personnel records in order to provide accurate, appropriate information and support to individual OMers and leadership.
Core activities
1.Maintain personnel records (electronic, paper, OpenPetra, D365 etc.) in a manner compliant with relevant data protection and human resource management law according to OM’s code of good practice.
2.Provide feedback to the People Services Manager regarding necessary changes to forms and documents
3.Ensure accepted applicants have appropriate Caleb access and email address
4.Ensure new recruits are registered for appropriate conferences and events via Petra (Get Ready, GO, short term, etc)
5.Support the Personnel Director in applying International Policy and good practice as outlined in the Personnel Manual.

People Care
Provide support to OMers on the field to ensure they are taken care of and valued
Core activities
1.Maintain communication with OMers every 12 weeks (as needed) after the arrive on the field.
2.Liaise with Benefits Administrator regarding any concerns or changes with insurance, TFSA, etc.
3.Liaise with Departures Administrator regarding home assignments and departures from OM
4.Facilitate field changes, status changes to career missionary, and commitment extensions for OMers
5.Assist in matters of crisis management as necessary

Provide accurate information to fellow HR team members and the People Services Manager in order to help with strategic planning and to improve processes and services.
Core activities
1.Report to People Services Manager on a regular basis numbers of people on fields, those leaving and joining.
2.Track trends in recruiting, inquiries, reasons for leaving, etc.
3.Report field statistics to Area & International Personnel Officer annually via the Personnel Administrator

Develop good relationship with stakeholders outside your field in order to strengthen understanding and working together
Core activities
1.Ensure that sending church has appropriate opportunity to speak into the direction of the applicant service throughout their time with OM. 
2.Build relationship with sending churches to ensure they are appropriately resourced to support their worker.
3.Ensure good on-going communication between sending and receiving fields
4.Develop relationships with other FPO’s through face to face meetings, Skype or email (as appropriate)
5.Facilitate on-going communication link between the field and the XOMer (as appropriate).

Note: This is a support based role meaning that the candidate will be required to raise a portion of their salary and employment costs.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Join our international team of 400 people from 50 different nationalities. Have the opportunity to invest in young people and use your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Being part of the on board community you will also receive personal input through daily team devotions and other ship events as well as the opportunity to experience the culture of the international crew and staff and the countries the ship visits.
As a bookkeeper serving on the mission field, you will provide much-needed support to the accountant on the OM team, and you will fulfil a vital ministry role toward the purpose of seeing more vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. We are looking for knowledgeable, detail-oriented individuals who will handle the paperwork associated with OM's business and ministry transactions, including petty cash, data entry, bills, accounts, banking and record keeping. Participation in local ministry and team life may also be aspects of your role

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