People Care Provider

We are looking for someone who can come alongside our team to facilitate ongoing spiritual, emotional, practical support and development for individuals on the team to remain healthy, resilient and fruitful.
As long as possible
Part Time
Join us to model and develop a People Care Culture by loving and valuing people with grace and integrity, so that the communities around us see Christ reflected in how we live personally and in community with each other.

Part of your tasks are to monitor and assess the mental, physical and spiritual health of our team and individual members. You'll provide support and facilitate development.

Some of the core competencies we're looking for:
– Spiritual maturity and unwavering integrity. 
– Demonstrate high level of CQ and EQ.
– To maintain and cultivate an accepting and encouraging manner that will affirm our people but will challenge them as needed.
– Exercising discernment in decision making.
– Consensus building and conflict resolution skills.
– Proactive, enthusiastic and innovative approach to work.
– Integrity and uprightness in keeping confidentiality of sensitive people care information.

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


STEP out to serve and support long-term ministry and gain valuable experience. You will learn some of the local Arabic and be immersed in culture, while supporting long-termers in their ministries or in supportive roles like child-minding or home schooling. You will also be able to travel and see what life is like around the country. The aim is to learn, be exposed to many different experiences and discover how you can make a difference here!
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