Administration and Communication Co-Ordinator (AIDSLink)

medical aim, community, vulnerable
1-2 Years
Full Time
Keywords: medical aim, community, vulnerable, OMer
Short Description: 1. Writing newsletter bi-monthly (text and photos mainly, videos occasionally)
2. Drafting official letters for ministry, churches, clinics etc.
3. Clerical work such as making forms and material for ministries
4. Internal and external Communication (email and in-person) among team volunteers, between ministry and OM Zambia offices and externally to other fields and donors
5. Assisting the Ministry Leader in meeting the year-procedures with document such as Key Ministry Plan (KMP), budget, report, Asset, event calendar etc.
6. Co-ordinating and preparation for Ministry regular team meetings, trainings, workshops, presentations, in terms of agenda, transport and refreshment if applicable
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and Requirements: 1. Ability in internet, computer skills, usage of MS software such as Word, PowerPoint, video-editing skills
2. Good communication skills
3. Exposure in first-world settings/ system

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Country: Zambia

Location: Kabwe

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


Are you excited to support Chinese-Speaking workers through a web platform?

Chinese World Ministry (CWM) is developing a web platform that provides a virtual community space for Chinese Cross-Culture workers.

We are looking for someone who are able to do website developer and the tasks are the following:

1. Maintain and troubleshooting website UI/UX
2. Develop website functions when needed
3. Provide technical support for the website management and/or users
If you love connecting people and want to play a key part in growing a flourishing, global movement of artists – then step this way.

Inspiro Arts Alliance encourages and supports artists globally to love through beauty in worship and witness.

Your part will be to ensure our alliance of artists is a beautiful, inspiring, connected community.  You will also oversee our in-house team of artist-mentors so they thrive in their respective ministries.
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