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As a bookkeeper serving on the mission field, you will provide much-needed support to the accountant on the OM team, and you will fulfil a vital ministry role toward the purpose of seeing more vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. We are looking for knowledgeable, detail-oriented individuals who will handle the paperwork associated with OM's business and ministry transactions, including petty cash, data entry, bills, accounts, banking and record keeping. Participation in local ministry and team life may also be aspects of your role
6-12 months
Part Time
Overall goal Role is to manage the financial transactions conducted at the Field Level, and perform duties to assist with accounting functions pertaining to bank accounts, journal entries, financial reporting and administrative changes, guided by precedent and working with the limits of established polices.

Accountable to Accountant and Field Leader

1. Monitoring
Assure that lower level accounting functions such as routine General Ledger activity is kept current, that HOSA’s are posted on time, and that financial books are reconciled monthly.
Core activities
1. Research and resolve inquiries regarding accounting issues from donors, staff members and vendors with written and verbal communication and make correcting entries as required.
2. Enter adjusting and routine General Ledger entries.
3. Facilitate end-of-period closing and prepare and transmit wires, international reports and departmental reports.
4. Prepare and remit sales tax payments, if necessary.
5. Perform routine departmental filing activities.
2. Training & Support
Identify and recommend appropriate training in order to assure that the duties of the Bookkeeper can be carried out effectively.
Core activities
1. Develop and maintain a good relationship with Hub accounting staff when necessary, Area Chief Financial Officer and the Field Leader. 
2. Be an active part of an accounting user group.
3. Financial Management Reporting
In order to assist the Field Leader make wise financial decisions and for the Field Leader to help the Bookkeeper carry out their responsibilities.
Core activities
1. Meet with the Field Leader on a regular basis to discuss the Financial Reports either internally generated or received from the Area Hub.  This time should be a place in which there is understanding of any changes that will take place that will affect the responsibilities of the Bookkeeper and new impacts on budget.
4. Representation
In order to represent the Field’s objectives.
Core activities
1. This position is responsible for issuing money and it is necessary to represent the interests, objectives and vision of the Field Leader.
2. This person will use a personal computer and peripherals, network systems, standard and customized software applications and tools, and usual office equipment.
The following KRAs are an integral part of each job description for everybody serving with area.
A. Support base development
This role can be conducted remotely.

Actively develop and maintain a prayer and financial support base for your ministry in order to resource your ministry with prayer and financial resources.   
Core activities
1. Maintain regular contact with your prayer partners, financial supporters and sending church(‘s) – developing relationships that minister to them and further your partnership with them.
2. Develop your prayer and financial support base on a continual basis by asking individuals, groups and churches to join your support team as you have opportunity. 
B. Safe working practices
Ensure work is carried out in accordance with written and verbal communicated internal and external safety, environmental and country specific legal regulation in order to ensure safe working practice.
Core activities
1. Ensure that both your own and the area you are working in is kept clean, orderly and safe.
2. Ensure a safe and correct usage and adequate maintenance of used tools and equipment.
3. Work in accordance with verbal and written communicated safety and environmental regulations and understand and know the risks and risk assessments related to your role and duties.


Minimum preferred requirements Formal training in accounting or bookkeeping is necessary.  If no formal training in Accounting is in the candidate’s history, then at least 5 years of progressively increasing responsibility in an accounting team would be necessary. 

Required knowledge Knowledge of, and use of, Debits and Credits and nuances in a not-for-profit accounting system.
OM International Policy Manual
OM Finance Manual

Technical competencies Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Able to use appropriate software used in OM for communication

Core competencies A willingness to step into a role, on behalf of the Field and its Leader, as perhaps the sole financial staff member on the Field.

Primary Working Relationships With Accounting staff in Area Hub
Field leaders
Internal Auditor
Area Chief Financial Officer

Environmental aspects
Location Remote

Limits of Authority Authorised to fulfil the core activities within the set guidelines, processes and procedures, without damaging the interest of the Field.
Financial spending within agreed Field budget
If there are major issues that come to light, they must be dealt with the Field Leader.

Time 100% role (= 40 hours) or 50% (= 20 hours)

Term of Service May 2023 with a 3-months’ notice of leaving

Evaluation/Appraisal The Job Description will be discussed and reviewed by the area leader annually

Written by Jim Grubb
Date 21 July 2014
Revised Jayne Conry – Field leader – 25 April 2023

Live opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.


We are looking for someone who will assist the project manager for House of Hope and thereafter take over. This job entitles working with Admin such as, Monthly financial reports that come from our company as well as writing reports for Caleb and keeping stories/news/communication about the project.

We need someone who has a heart to work with women in crisis and their children. This requires visiting them in their homes and developing relationships.
Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unseres Teams eine/n Buchhaler/in. Zu den Aufgaben gehören
– Durchführung von Debitoren- und Kreditorenbuchhaltung
- Kontenabstimmung
- Interne Umbuchungen
- Mitwirkung an Monats- und Jahresabschlüssen

Wir legen Wert auf Einsatzbereitschaft und wir bieten eine verantwortungsvolle Tätigkeit sowie Teilnahme an Fortbildungen.
As an accountant on the mission field with OM, you will use your financial management skills toward the purpose of seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers established among the least reached. This important role is vital to ministry on the field. As an accountant in OM, you would provide accountability for the cash transactions conducted on the field and perform duties to assist with accounting functions pertaining to bank accounts, budgets, journal entries, financial reporting and administrative changes, guided by precedent and guidelines of established polices. Participation in local ministry and team life may also be aspects of your role.
Do you like to work with numbers and want resources to be used in the best possible way for God’s kingdom?
Your Tasks
• Leading the finance department (including financial statements)
• Assisting in preparing the annual budget
• Donation accounting (entries, clarifications, thank-you letters)
• Administration of local and global project financing
• Maintaining contacts with authorities, partners and donors
• Lead personnel and further their development
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