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The joy of giving Steve and Jane Pemberton (Australia) experience the joy of giving back to God through offering what He has given to them. Read Now
What if 35 million prayed? 35 million is not a shy number. What if 35 million prayed? What if 35 million took an individual choice to do something? We would be a force to be reckoned with. Read Now
Do something, from within your own bubble Carrot farmers Mick and Tracey Rieck from Australia fundraise for OM’s anti-human trafficking project in Cambodia. Read Now
Responding through dance "When you dance, your body becomes an instrument. Something happens that is beyond explanation,” said Justin. Read Now
Bound for Paradise I was walking along the Gold Coast promenade praying that God would lead me to someone to share with, and a tourist from the UAE nearly bumped into me as he was focusing on using his phone to get a shot of the beach in the moonlight. Read Now
Goldie reaches out to Muslims in Surfers Paradise When we think of Surfers Paradise in QLD, our minds drift to images of the beach fringed by a crowded metropolis of holidaymakers, shops and restaurants. For Goldie, it’s all about seeing God at work while sharing her faith. Read Now