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'It feels like a family' OM MTI workers teach the Bible and foster a growing community of Jesus followers among a group of factory workers with polio. Read Now
God helps us help others Many people in Cambodia are out of work because of COVID-19 and are struggling to buy food. For some, their desperation has reached a critical point where prostituting their children is a way to provide for the family. An OM worker is going above and beyond to care for others during this time. Read Now
Presence of Christ in a dark place Abuse, alcohol, drugs, gangs and poverty are the daily realities for many in the slums. Many arrive at OM MTI looking for food, safety, conversation, advise and help. Read Now
'My sin is forgiven' OM worker Sokhem shares his testimony of leaving Buddhism to follow Jesus. Read Now
Developing disciples OM intentionally disciples Cambodian staff so that they, in turn, can disciple others. Read Now
Bags of rice bring life OM in Cambodia helped distribute food to impoverished communities impacted by COVID-19. Many workers there are out of the job and are struggling to feed their families. Read Now