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Are you someone interested to link financial resources to support the mission of OM?

In this role, you will support the Director of Major Gifts by providing donor services and organise special events in Southeast Asia to advance the mission of Operation Mobilisation.
Revelling in the God of second chances Alvin stared at the chaos of medical tubes hanging around him. 'Why?' he wondered as he lay helplessly on the hospital bed. How on earth was this part of God’s plan? Read Now
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Doulos Hope sails from Singapore Singapore :: God's provision during engine repairs as Doulos Hope makes a technical stop in Singapore Read Now
A mother’s love for women of the red-light district Women working as sex workers hold jobs they perhaps never want to have. Their struggles are not foreign to Siew* who has befriended and journeyed with many ladies as part of OM Singapore's red-light district ministry. Read Now
The Kingdom of God Saw Seang Pin believes in the need for a paradigm shift in mission approaches, acknowledging the strengths and contributions of believers from the Global South. Read Now