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Tied together by a bracelet God uses bracelets to weave together a group of children from different cultures and backgrounds so they can experience His love. Read Now
A Macedonian call Hermann devotes his life to sharing God's love with Arabs, first learning their culture in the Middle East then training Europeans to welcome Arab tourists. Read Now
Hurting hearts A meeting with a woman in a coffee shop leads to open conversations about hurting hearts. Read Now
God's story never ends “Every movie, book or song tells a story. They all have a beginning and an end. When a song ends, the story seems over. When the killer is found at the end of that thriller, the movie ends. When the couple is finally together and they kiss on the last page of that romance novel,… Read Now
Of covers and smiles “As I continued watching, I wondered if the smiles I saw through that lens of mine told the real story of their lives. Maybe those smiles were a cover for something else, just like the way of dressing sometimes covers those beautiful smiles and faces in their own countries,” says Anja. “In Europe, we often… Read Now
Crossing borders ''But the world needs many more heroes. It needs people who are willing to go without knowing whether they will come back. We need risk-takers who step out and face the difficulty of opposition because it is the right thing to do,'' said OMer Anja. ''We need people who go out and cross difficult borders because… Read Now