Marketing and Communications Manager

Do you feel called by God to serve him in France? Join the OM team in France as we serve to inspire, mobilise and equip others in seeing churches grow and be discipled, as well as getting involved hands-on in one of the least reached countries in Europe.

We are looking for someone who can co-ordinate the big picture for our field communications, both the strategy and managing the people to make it happen.

Are you passionate about more people being aware of what is going on in world missions and getting involved? Has God gifted you with an eye for detail? Then this job is made for you!

Help us create a strategy and content for our communications that aims to inform and encourage our supporters as they partner with us, as well as to motivate others to get personally involved in missions in France and abroad.  You will be overseeing the decisions of how we pass on information from OM international to the French church, how we let people know what is going on within France and making sure people outside France know what is God is doing here.

A good candidate will have the following qualities:

– Creative and comfortable following the corporate identity and style guide
– experience in journalism/blog  will be an advantage
– Knowledge of Indesign and design software, or prepared to learn.
– French is essential for this role in order to write or edit articles and communicate within the team as well as a good level of English to be able to communicate with OM internationally. (It is possible to learn French upon arrival by attending a local language school.)
– be motivated and able to motivate others for missions
– be able to see the big picture 
– ability to manage several projects at the same time
– organised and can meet deadlines
– thrives in working as part of an international team
– comfortable writing/editing articles
– Based in the office in Pontault-Combault

This role is part time but can be combined with another role in the office or within a ministry for a full-time post.

Spiritual Requirements 

To be growing in your relationship with God
To love God and people as yourself.
Be passionate about discipleship
Willing to grow spiritually in community
Accept to have a mentor (could be someone outside or OM)

Serving opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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