Farm Manager

Kansuli Farm is a sustainable project of OM Lake Tanganyika. It is a means of assisting local missionaries as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ, funding local ministries and the farm is an access path to sharing the gospel to nearby communities

This Farm is a means of connecting with the nearby communities, in sharing the gospel. It is a means of sustaining different projects/ministry that are done by OM Lake Tanganyika.
1. Farm Management-
• Accountability of the Finances; profit made at the farm and budgeting.
• Farm planning and decision making

2. Farm Engineering- Water Connectivity to the entire farm
3. Fish Farming-Pond Construction and Design, Stocking, Feeding and Management, Harvesting and Marketing
4. Managing and delegating to farm workers, those from the Kansuli village/community and environs

The Ideal characteristics:
o General biblical characteristics of a godly leader
o OM core values internalized
o Cares deeply for people and has a vision, in a broad sense, for personnel ministry
o Significant experiential knowledge of ministry within the field of service
o Able to give sufficient time to fulfil the role as dictated by the size and setting of the field
o Able to understand and implement the complexities of OM policies and practices
o Able to connect people; a good networker
o Able to work well with others, both as leader and team member
o Able to communicate in English
o Willing to learn from local team members while maintaining an acceptable standard of effectiveness and quality

This Farm is a business of OM Lake Tanganyika

Serving opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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