Team leader for Disciple makers and Church planters

OM Denmark is searching for a passionate and experienced team leader to train disciple makers who have a calling to see new followers of Jesus in vibrant communities among the least reached in secular Europe and beyond.

The team leader’s role
The team leader’s role is part time. The team leader as well as the team members are also encouraged to hold part time jobs in the community.

The main responsibilities for the Team leader are:
1. Lead and oversee a team of disciple makers and church planters.
2. Facilitate and lead the training program which focuses on training disciple makers  in reaching out to people in the local community who are not in contact with other Christians, share the gospel, and disciple new believers.
3. Teach and coordinate the theoretical training program
4. Visits to other Churchplants

The training program lasts 10 month and is situated on the beautiful island of Bornholm east of Denmark.

Required Skills
• A love and passion for Jesus and people
• Leadership experience
• A pioneering spirit
• Understanding/experience of church planting
• Willingness to learn Danish
• Humility
• Flexibility
• A love for people and sharing the Gospel with them

This is not a paid position; financial support will need to be raised for life on the field.

Please contact OM Denmark today to know more about this position, and the plans for establishing a training program for Disciple Makers in Secularized Europe.

Serving opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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