People Services Director

Exists to lead the People Services team, enabling flexible, effective and scalable systems and processes in order to see more Canadians involved in OM’s mission. Provides appropriate support to all team members during their service with OM.

Skills & experience required:
– Previous experience in OM preferred
– Experience in leading a team
– A minimum of two years cross cultural experience, outside of Canada
– Able to build and lead a high performing virtual team of different functions
– Able to exercise strategic planning and decision making
– Able to work flexible hours
– Able to inspire others toward the vision of OM
– Able to adjust leadership style in multi-cultural settings
– Able to negotiate well with change and lead others through change.
– Able to lead and facilitate the delivery of results through others

Required/Preferred knowledge
– Training in Human Resources Management is preferred
– Professional personnel management training is appreciated, but not required

Technical competencies
– Proficient in Microsoft Office 365
– Proficient in the use of computer software currently in use by OM for communication, reporting and personnel management

Accountable to the Associate Field Leader – Support Services

Responsible for People Services department team members.

1. Leadership
Provide leadership for the People Services department in order to ensure staff are supported, developed and their set outcomes are achieved.

Core activities
a) Form, build and lead the People Services team in the areas of people care, human resources, personnel management and caring practices in every role.
b) Lead the development of personnel systems, process and practice that are aligned with OM’s core values and are relevant to the complexity and diversity present within OM
c) Work closely with the Mobilization Director to develop synergy between Mobilization and People Services, to scale up the number of people serving in missions and to promote excellence in mobilizing, recruiting, placement, management, training and care of personnel.
d) Develop an interdepartmental plan of action for engaging with OM alumni.
e) Connect with other missions in Canada to learn and share new ways of facilitating people getting involved in mission to the least reached.
f) Bring People Services issues and important communications to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
g) Identify strengths and areas of personnel practices needing correction and improvement.
h) Develop and manage the People Services department budget.

2. HR Management
Oversee any human resources and/or people care needs for all OM staff working in Canada including OM Canada Team staff and Embedded workers.
Core activities
a) Lead the application/onboarding process appropriately for the individual/family joining
b) Assess the applicants’ suitability for OM Canada using interviews and other assessment tools as required
c) Provide coaching for the applicant on support raising, spiritual and logistical preparation
d) Liaise with ELT and Dept. Heads on acceptance of  decisions
e) Communicate acceptance or refusal of potential recruits’ applications
f) Facilitate the training of applicants in areas of OM guiding values, pre-field preparation, transition, awareness, etc. as well as provincial requirements (AODA etc)
g) Supervise the process of obtaining visas for foreign workers (long-term e.g. work permits and short-term e.g. business visas)
h) Assist new members in matters of transition and relocation as needed in co-operation with ministry teams and departments
i) Onboard new OM Canada members to policies, procedures, team life, etc.
j) Conduct regular check-in meetings with new OMers in their first year according to OM
Canada onboarding processes
k) Facilitate the orientation responsibilities of other departments
l) Oversee the use of BambooHR, ensuring employee details are up to date and add new employees
m) Liaise with Mission Coaches regarding home assignments and departures from OM
n) Facilitate leaving interviews with departing OMers and feedback information to appropriate parties
o) Facilitate status changes to long-termers, and commitment extensions for OMers
p) Enroll new personnel in TFSA/RRSP and medical insurances as requested
q) Modify and/or remove personnel from benefits and insurances as requested by Missions Coaches, and Departures Administrator
r) Prepare insurance and TFSA applications for new or newly long-term employees
s) Email Finance team benefits invoices and updates once per month

3. Training
Identify and recommend appropriate training in order to support Canadians joining OM and/or serving in OM Canada.

Core activities
a) Ensure training and assessment that will enable the People Services department to fulfil their role and be increasingly effective in their tasks.
b) Monitor effectiveness of pre-field training and orientation for Canadians.
c) Ensure flexible methods of pre-field training and orientation for Canadians.
d) Support the ELT in developing ways to establish a learning culture for all OM Canada staff, people taking responsibility for their own personal development and spiritual growth.
e) Research and recommend other effective training opportunities for OM Canada staff at all stages of their service with OM.

4. Compliance
Support the field in areas of federal/provincial legislation, Canadian Center of Christian Charities and OM standards of compliance in personnel matters to maintain integrity to our stakeholders and appropriately support people serving with OM.

Core activities
a) Research and stay up to date on employment and human rights laws for Canada.
b) Ensure OM Canada staff are educated and have on-going training on important compliance requirements (data protection, health & safety, OM international policy on child safety, etc)
c) Ensure People Services staff understand OM International standards of good practice in sending and receiving personnel
d) Support the Associate Field Leader – Support Services in areas regarding compensation and benefits.
5. Reporting
Maintain high standards of reporting to ensure good analysis of trends nationally and globally.

Core activities
a) Collect, analyse and report on statistics and trends to the ELT and OM International, as requested
b) Ensure good personnel data management and good information that is used for the website and other promotional outlets.

Note: This is a salaried position, evaluated to be in band 3 of the OM Canada remuneration policy. Whilst this salary is guaranteed by OM Canada, all successful applicants are required to raise an agreed minimum amount of the support necessary to fund the position.

Serving opportunities are unsalaried. Most people joining OM raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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