Madagascar STM Coordinator Assistant

You will be working to help STM expandng in Madagascar and into the neighboring Islands.


Various Dates: See Details


AUD 550.00 per month

Application Deadline

Applications closed

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No Marrieds


No Families

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Different outreaches are happening in Madagascar with local and international participants, different details from the line up to the partcipant re-entry are the responsability of an outrech team.

Assisting the Short term coordinator to work on details of the outreaches from promoting recruiting , administration, and co-leading the outreach. you will be based in the capital Antananarivo prior to the outreach.

Love God , a team player, creative, has an organization and leadership skills,
You will be based in Antananarivo at the base of OM or one of the OM team while doing of the planing
Preparing your food with your host while in Antananarivo and with the outreach participants during outreaches.
Applicant will be responsible and pay his flight from his/her home country to/from Antananarivo (TNR). Pick up will be arranged by OM Madagascar.
Should be in good health physically and emotionally

Visa is granted upon arrival at the airport , if you stay up to 3 months the fees are between 50-90 USD

Some of the outreaches are happening in a most least reached district in the country, that needs to take a domestic flight, that will be an extra cost of the applicant. More details will be available during applicant process.

When: All year around but  preferably July-September

How Long: 3 months to 3 months

Required Notice: 3 months


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