TeenStreet Life – Coach

A Coach at TeenStreet leads a small group with a maximum of 6 teenagers of the same gender from the same country. Coaches are responsible for leading the small group times, keeping the teens accountable, spending personal time with each teen and being an adult friend.


4 August 2020 – 8 August 2020


AUD 320.00

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Coaches play a vital role at TeenStreet and have the closest contact with the teenagers. A coach laughs and cries with the teens, prays with them and helps them to develop their friendship with Jesus. Because the coach has a real relationship with Jesus and reflects Him daily in his/her world, the teens will see this and follow the example. Teenagers are searching for what is real and what works in their lives. They are moving from childhood to adulthood. Some teens may have already had a friendship with Jesus for many years and others have just started their friendship with Jesus. Some teens are not yet following Jesus. Teens need the coach to be an adult friend who sets an example, while also providing care, security and leadership (including discipline). A coach will have many opportunities to show and share what Jesus has done in his/her life. This can be life changing for the teens. A coach keeps his/her eyes and heart open and lets God guide him/her. The coach is sensitive to what God is doing.

Before TeenStreet: •Attend any coaches’ training held by your country’s TeenStreet office. •Prepare through prayer. •Read through the leaders’ manual. •Prepare the Big Adventure Bible studies provided by TeenStreet. •Contact the teenagers in your NET group. During TeenStreet: •Take care of 4 to 6 teens in your NET group. •Mentor and disciple the teens during the week. •Meet with your NET group online •Lead the Big Adventure Bible studies •Spend time with the teens during the Interact times •Watch the main meetings with your NET group and be aware of the journey the teens are on •Get help for the teens if needed, through the M&Ms, Home Office Rep or the Fountain Team

•Deep relationship with Jesus •Passion to see teens grow in relationship with God •Experience in leading small groups and/or working with teens and youth •Recommendation from a church leader •Capacity to prepare the Big Adventure Bible studies in advance
The event will happen online. So no accommodation is needed.
The event will happen online. So no catering is needed.
The event will happen online.
In good health condition and have enough energy to handle the responsibility and demanded presence during TeenStreet Life.

Not necessary

Apply through the Homepage of your TeenStreet Home Office or register here www.teenstreet.life
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