Intern as English Teacher

Internships Opportunities in Bilingual Schools in Panama are great opportunities to change the lives of the students through the Gospel and witnessing to their Parents.


Various Dates: See Details


AUD 1360.00 per month

Application Deadline

Various: See Details

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No Marrieds


No Families

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You will have the experience of working in a bilingual school and they will recieve a recomendation and evaluation from the School and the OM Panama staff.

Working as intern in Schools in Panama following the instructions of the School Manager and the supervisors. You will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with kids and youth in the schools. You also will have the chance to teach English classes and evangelism in our Church Planting project 5 hours away from Panama city.

-Born again and having a living relationship with Jesus Christ -Wiling to learn and step out his or her comfort zone -Able to Speak Spanish in a Basic Conversational Level and willing to learn the language. -Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable -Team player -Passionate about God and His Mission -Respectful of the culture and with a desire to understand it
The participant will stay at the OM Panama Leader's house, and will share room with another team member. The participant will live in Panama city.
The cost did not include special dietary need. The participant will usually eat Panamanian food .
The participant need to be able to take taxis, buses and trains alone as transportation. The participant must pay for the airport pick up and airport drop. Local travel, for events and meetings, related to the work is included in the cost.
The participant must be in good health.

Panama is a very open country and allows many individuals to stay for 3 months without a visa, but the individual is responsible to check the visa requirements from his or her country. We can explore the option of extend the visa period in Panama, so the participant can stay longer than 3 months or the school can issue a letter to help with the visa

The Participant must NOT have Piercings, Tattoos must be covered, NO hair coloured with green, purple or artificial white, NO Bikinis for swimming, no short skirts, the shoulders must be covered. The Participant must bring a long skirt for women and long trousers for men especially for the church services. Some days, the participant could wear shorts but they should cover the knees. Formal and semi formal cloths will be needed as the participant will be a teacher in a school. Electric plug 110v
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